Friday, August 2, 2019

Trump tariffs China again, may hit US consumers; China jails major dissident Trump cancels Russian missile treaty; climate change hits Siberia

Suddenly, there are a lot of potentially important international items, and they will all need more detailed followup.

First Trump announced that apparently everything else not already targeted for tariffs will face levies on September 1, 2019.  I am looking to see how this would affect my own plans for a new apple Macbook for a music project.  Apparently these items still have final assembly in China but I it is not quite certain from what I can find. Would the tariffs start when these items arrive in stores?  CNBC is talking about China’s retaliation already. 

Next, China has sentenced another human rights activist, Huang qi, to twelve years in prison, story. Huang is a founder of the Tianwang website awarded a “reporters without borders” prize in 2016.  China believes that dissenting speech strokes tensions among its citizens and we have been seeing more about how that works in the US since Trump won.

Russia has generated a couple items.  Trump is withdrawing from a Reagan-era intermediate range ballistic missile treaty with Russia, over concerns of Russia’s “cheating” (CBS).

This morning, CNN showed shocking video of sinkholes in eastern Siberia resulting from permafrost melting, threatening entire towns, as well as rampant wildfires.  Climate change is affecting polar areas much more quickly than those closer to the equator. Here is a recent BBC story.  Putin has been paying Russian families to settle Siberia and have lots of kids to raise his birthrate and support nationalism. 

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