Thursday, August 8, 2019

Russian trolls are trying to get intellectually weak Americans to fight each other in the streets (NBC story)

Richard Engel et al of NBC news report that Russian trolls have selected videos of private citizen “accidents” or behaviors in public places and made them go viral, and have sometimes urged doxing of private Americans.

The idea is to create physical conflict and disruption and show “no one is immune”. 
The main NBC link is here

It is pretty easy to collide with someone on a subway.  But a troll might photograph it and then try to cause it to go viral.
Another grave risk from foreign trolls might be hacking ordinary Americans to frame them for crimes (although this can be a known threat with identity theft already).

Russian trolls seem to be attacking “individualism” and stirring up “populist” resentment against and bullying of individuals, “hecklers’ veto” or mob mentality. Trolls may also be amplifying the “white supremacy” narrative by calling people names when they clearly do not advocate supremacy by normal speech interpretation.
This goes along with Tim Pool’s narrative of coming domestic “insurgencies” by extremists on both sides.

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