Monday, July 15, 2019

Virginia blogger seems to have helped put Bolsonaro in office in Brazil; Trump uses international law to force Central American asylum seekers to do Mexico

Today the Washington Post, in a story by Terrence McCoy, describes how an amateur right-wing blogger, Olavo de Carvalho, 72, who lives alone in Dinwiddie County VA (SW of Richmond and Petersburg) influenced politics in Brazil and helped right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro win power in Brazil.  Olavo is called Brazil's "Rush Limbaugh". 

Bolsonaro’s homophobia (as unnationalist and counter tribal) is causing Glenn Greenwald, who lives in that country with his husband, concerns, according to other report.  But gay marriage has been legal in Brazil since 2013.

Bolsonaro’s presidency also worries climate change activists, who would want to stop the cutting down of the Amazon forests as a sump for carbon dioxide.

In other news, today Trump is moving to stop most Central American asylum claims at the southern border, on the theory that under international law Mexico can be asked to take them (and has often offered it).  This would not apply to sex trafficking cases. Molly O’Toole reports for the Los Angeles Times.  There are good questions about people who fly to South America from Africa and try to seek asylum in the US (Tim Pool).  As for LGBTQ, this would apply to "them".  Mexico allows same-sex marriage in some areas. 

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