Sunday, July 21, 2019

South Korea drafts young men, and has an issue with "gay conduct", not exactly like our old DADT

John Andres Riley reports in Metro Weekly about the issue of gays in the military in South Korea, with due respect for the context of the existential danger (even to the US) from North Korea. 

The print version of the story (p. 20. July 18) is titled “Conscript Concerns” but online is the real deal “Amnesty International calls on South Korea to end law criminalizing LGBTQ soldiers.”  The law criminalizes same-sex conduct even off duty. (So did the old US UCMJ 125).

South Korea requires military service of all men 18-20 because it is technically still at war with the North.

In the US, activists forget we still have the Selective Service System but sometimes debate whether women should be required to register.

The story notes that ironically, in South Korea, men with lighter skin may be viewed as more effeminate. Asian men usually don’t have the variety of body hair that Caucasians have.

Trump backed off his aggressive stance on North Korea right around March 1, 2018 after the Olympics and it is a good thing for many people that he did, whatever you think of the circumstances with Kim Jong Un now.  Kim would like the state of war to end.

It's ironic that the gay press has called attention to another hidden tripwire in the North Korean situation. 

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