Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Protesters try to shut down ICE in Washington DC after Trump announces restricting asylums thru Mexico; it gets quite energetic

Numerous outlets reported on sizable demonstrations in Washington DC yesterday against Trump’s latest immigration actions, some reportedly including “Jewish” activists. I stayed inside (from the heat) and worked on my music and on another matter (the CASE bill in the Senate) and didn’t get to this.

Daniel Mortiz-Rabson reports for Newsweek on ICE protests in SW Washington Tuesday, trying to block entrance, after Trump issued an XO requiring most Central American asylum seekers to attempt to apply in Mexico first before coming into the US. Elizabeth Warren speaks in their video.

The Washington Post (Marissa J. Lang) reports that there were  ten arrests inside the ICE lobby. The story has outstanding still photos, with a couple people I recognized from the LGBTQ community. 

Caroline Patrickis reports on the arrests for WJLA7 with video. (The WJLA embed works only with http, without the https.) 

Marissa J. Lang offers this log on Twitter with several videos. 

Reports of ICE raids around the country seem spotty and focused on known criminals, it turns out. 

My own picture comes from Dec 2017, at Net neutrality demonstrations.

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