Thursday, July 4, 2019

Oregon law professor says that about 86% of separated migrant children in the US have relatives in the US who could raise them if their parents remain detained

Today Warren Binford (Willammette University in Oregon)  appeared on CNN and explained that about 86% if migrant children have relatives in the United States who could take care of them even if they were released without their parents.

Although CNN has talked about ankle bracelets (which can be cut) to release migrants in detention, it’s clear that some sort of support system has to be set up.

Major charities could do major fundraisers just for these specific problems, which are taking on a wartime character.
There are sporadic suggestions online that individuals and families (including same-sex couples) should take the initiative to become licensed by their home states to become foster parents.  This sounds like a radical step and request. Here are a couple of references: the Women’s Refugee Commission, which links to ORR.

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