Monday, July 22, 2019

Allowing (even "expecting") volunteers to serve at the border detention centers (after travel to them) sounds feasible, even if not happening now

On p. 21 of the print Time Magazine July 29, 2019 issue, Julissa Arce ran a sidebar “Let Americans volunteer at the border”. 

She writes that there is no good reason for a policy that Americans are not allowed to do humanitarian volunteer work at the border detention centers, from a budget or public law viewpoint. 

The normal excuses will be security.

There doesn’t seem to be any impulse to combine this with Americorps, for example (Buttigieg might go along with that).

It would be possible to imagine a setup with the major social service agencies already on contract with DHS to process refugees, to deal with the border issues.

Then there would be pressure on some Americans to sign up and do stints at the border.

As things stand now for me, it would not be possible for me to do a stint "camping" at the border and resume my sites after the period was over.  In time, this could become a real issue. 

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