Monday, June 24, 2019

Migrant crisis at border seems to explode as children stay in pens

CNN this morning is warning about the blatant and glaring catastrophe at the border, at least around El Paso and McAllen, and probably Del Rio.  The story and video are by Leyla Santiago.  This continues a story Saturday here about children caring for siblings or toddlers without their separated parents.  There have been tweets that the Army or National Guard must provide assistance now. Hillary Clinton also called out this problem on Twitter. 

Tim Pool notes emergencies in Deming MM and Yuma, AZ.  (I visited the border area of Yuma in 2000, ironically).

CNN showed a scene at McAllen, with masses of children in one pen, with deaths every day, and parents separated, for much longer than legal (under Flores, which gets complicated).

Pence claims that criminal traffickers are adding to the migrant stream, and also claims that Africans have been trafficked from overseas and added to the stream (at least near Del Rio).

Laura Chen was critical of a UN proposal to ask Canada to take more of asylum seekers (including "LGBTQ2") and migrants (because Canada has a more robust private sponsorship system?)

Trump’s delay of ICE raids Sunday seem like ordinary political posturing with Congress.
Crises like these can affect people who manage trusts, because beneficiaries could ask for “special needs” help from trust assets to deal with catastrophes caused by political mismanagement or corruption.

I had visited Pharr on May 30 last year (near McAllen) and found no unusual problems. 

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