Saturday, March 9, 2019

North Korea appears to be planning a satellite launch soon, possibly with dangerous implications after all

Will Ripley, on CNN, reports Saturday morning March 9, on new evidence that North Korea could be planning a satellite or missile launch soon.

Intelligence from commercial satellite imagery shows assembly of an object a Sanumdong, near Pyongyang, and its placement on a train to Sohae, a location where activity was noted yesterday.

There was talk that a satellite could contain “ICBM components” which could (if you connect the dots) imply the capability of some sort of electromagnetic pulse blast, at least E1 level, from a satellite, as warned previously in early 2017 by James Woolsey.  That could be a strategy to prevent a “bloody nose” retaliation from the Trump administration if there is a launch.

I had not particularly noticed that the Vox article linked in yesterday’s post had explained that Sohae is primarily a satellite facility, not missile.  But satellites could be dangerous.  Even so, a satellite launch in the near future sounds a lot more likely than an ICBM, at least as it is now.

North Korea has released a second “short film” documenting the failure of the Hanoi summit.

Wikipedia article with map (not separate, see entire article).

Ellen Mitchell has a potentially disturbing story in The Hill saying that tensions are reaching the "boiling point" in the headline, referring to an ABC interview with John Bolton on March 10 by Stephanopoulos. But the article is not quite as alarming as the headline. By Raymond K. Cunningham, Jr. - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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