Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Internet said to inflame tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir

The escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan, with both being nuclear powers, stoked talk about “loose nukes” but also is putting social media companies under pressure because content on their platforms , even from individuals in western countries, could fire up local tensions further.  CNN has a story by Ravi Krishnavi “Internet warriors’ are pushing India and Pakistan onto dangerous ground.

Although Nassim Nicholas Taleb had warned about these kinds of asymmetric risks from the Internet in “Skin in the Game”.

Apple News had reported on a lull in the Kashmir in an earlier story by Roshan Mughal.

I had first heard about the escalation from Trey Yingst’s twitter account.

One of the problems is that in developing countries, Facebook (in particular) is “the Internet”.

Wikipedia attribution link to map (p.d.)

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