Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Proponents of Wall expose underground sex trafficking, and FOSTA won't stop it

Today I saw a post on a FB friend’s site that included a long discussion from someone (female) who had worked in border security in Texas.  She also said she had connections with the Honduran government and intimate knowledge of MS-13.

She argued for the Wall.  She also talked about trafficking and claimed that governments are facilitating it.  I shared it on my timeline  . It doesn’t seem that I can give it a more specific URL (pages you can). FOSTA won't stop this kind of pipeline. 

I suggested that ranchers, who actually put out food and water for undocumented stragglers on their property, give input to Congress on what will actually work. 
Matthew Yglesias of Vox argues why a wall in many areas is ineffective as security policy. Trump is simply unable to keep fooling his base with what he probably knows (by now) is an ineffective policy idea. 

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