Friday, December 28, 2018

Trump threatens to close southern border over Democratic resistance to Wall, while Putin threatens US with hypersonic missile

We’ve seen one of the most belligerent statements from Russia and Putin, whom Trump is in bed with, about a new hypersonic missile that is supposed to evade all of NORAD’s systems (NPR). As Jordan Peterson has said, these ex-communists are armed to the teeth.  One high-altitude thermonuclear explosion over your country, and you’re “done”.  

Trump, instead, threats to close the southern border if he can’t get his way with his base on the Wall. 

He would sacrifice the incomes of federal workers and contractors (as pawns) to make things “right” for his own “people”.  That sounds Stalinist.

That is not to say that you don’t have serious problems in the border areas, as the Epoch Times reports on the effectiveness of the fence near Yuma, AZ. There had been burglaries in the area attributed to undocumented immigrants.

Can the Republicans “fire” Trump?  You need about 20 GOP Senators.

Tim Pool says Trump will never back down on the Wall.  Trump will probably quote Pool on Twitter.

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