Monday, December 10, 2018

Some videos from France sound very radical indeed; climate change activists cannot afford to ignore rural populations any longer

I don’t know how “radical” the group “WeAreChange” is in France or Europe.  But the mood of “the people” in this video is very angry and calling for revolution, and warning it will shut down the banking system around the world.   There are scattered reports of Internet blackouts, and of demonitization of content. 

Is this group from the far right or far left?  (Sounds like the Left;  the speaker mentioned Antifa.) 
Again, it seems like a lot of old-fashioned liberals (the Hillary Clinton crowd with its “basket of deplorables”) have missed the immediate point of climate change denial – it’s the rural populations affected the most right now.  I noticed that during my coming of age in the 1970s with the oil shocks.

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