Sunday, December 9, 2018

Patreon explains the banning of Lauren Southern with regard to putative interference with a rescue of immigrants in the Mediterranean

There has been a lot of attention to the banning of Milo Yiannopoulos and Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) from Patreon recently.
The story of Lauren Southern (who is reported to have claimed transgenderism)  is also disturbing, as in a Canadaland story.  She reportedly was fund raising for anti-immigrant activity in the Mediterranean. A UK charity “Hope Not Hate” reportedly lobbied Patreon directly to stop her.  The activities she was fundraising for might have caused loss of life of Mediterranean migrants, according to the Patreon letter shown.   (Defend Europe and IGD are also involved in the ban.)
I have reviewed a few films about the migrant journeys into Europe, across the Mediterranean, largely made while Obama was president.
Patreon CEO (Jack Conte) talks about “manifest observable behavior”.  (It should be “observed”).  Conte said her observed behavior was participatory and not just journalistic (but “paparazzi” activity could be troubling if it is perceived as attracting violent people directly).

As a matter of person preference, I don’t personally like to run fundraisers for any organizations from my own social media or hosted accounts.  That’s partly my own branding, but I also don’t want to allow social media or hosting companies to have any direct voice in whom I can support.

This story is disturbing.  One could have a sincere belief that immigrants should not come into the country, but participating in an organization that attempts to stop it could be dangerous and sometimes unlawful.  In the video, Conte claims Lauren participated in a group trying to interfere with a search and vessel boat.  Conte mentions doxing as observed behavior that will get someone taken down. 
On the other side of the coin, there may be organizations that help migrants come into the US or any other western country illegally.  To participate in those likewise is a federal crime in the US.  Will Patreon have policies against this?

Update: Dec. 11

Tim Pool interviewed Lauren Southern on whether she is an "activist" or "journalist" or both.  She talked about "gonzo journalism"; but she doesn't claim to be completely "objective" but she says there are "facts", Timcast link from July 2017. 

Update: Dec. 24

Another Pool video maintains that Southern apparently did not interfere with the migrant (or refugee, depending on your language) ship. This seems to be the latest facts. Go to 15:06 in this video.  Conte might not have been justified in banning her.  Just trying to get the facts right, because there are so many accounts of this controversial case. 

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