Friday, December 21, 2018

Do states that legalize marijuana help relieve the illegal immigration incentives indirectly?

Dave Bier of the Cato Institute argues that legal marijuana in several western states is reducing drug smuggling along the border and may help counter the disintegration of law and order in some Central American countries, driving gang activity and illegal caravans and attempted border crossings.

This fits into a narrative where President Trump is trying to force an issue over Wall funding and backtracking on signing temporary funding, because Democrats take over the House on Jan. 3.  That has rattled markets.

And there has also been a somewhat silly attempt to fund a wall from GoFundMe – although maybe if you’re a rancher in south Texas it would make business sense. 

My take:  in most places, a transparent wired structure makes sense, but not everywhere.  I lived in Texas in the 80s and sometimes visited the border areas, as I did in May of this year. There is no one simple solution to stopping illegal border crossings.

And, as noted yesterday, Trump has rattled confidence in US national security with his pullout from Syria and Afghanistan and Mattis’s resignation.  Obama’s pullout of Iraq in 2011 may have helped ISIS get started, leading to the European migrant crisis.

I also wanted to pass along a link to a new Asylumist article, that it's getting harder to win asylum in court, here

SCOTUS upheld a lower court ruling not allowing Trump to ban people who entered illegally from seeking asylum.  Apparently Judge Ginsberg was able to vote, and Roberts is starting to act a little more moderate (closer to Kennedy) and upheld the ruling, CNN

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