Thursday, December 20, 2018

CNN suggests America is in great danger with Mattis resignation with no "adults" in the White House or on top of DOD

CNN’s account of Jim Mattis’s resignation today (effective Feb. 28, 2019) is dire indeed, as in this article by Chris Cillizza. 

Don Lemon tonight on CNN at 10 PM that every American should be worried about his own safety as a result of a lack of an adult in the charge of the military.

Here is the text of the letter . Ot does not defer to President Trump.

Mattis obviously believes that the withdrawals from Syria and now Afghanistan are very unwise and were motivated to please Trump’s base.

Will Trump be able to appoint an adult military professional to replace Mattis.
How will Lemon’s kind of talk (which many analysts may be thinking on their own) affect the stock markets, already displeased by the Fed remarks and Trump’s fumbling of the shutdown?
I wonder if Fox will put a less dire spin on this.
People on Twitter have been suggesting replacing “Baby Trump” with (precocious young adult) David Hogg, who could be president in 2036.

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