Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The House could try to get somewhere on immigration

Dave Bier has a perspective at the Cato Institute, “the Most Pro-Immigration House of Representatives in Over a Century”, link here

Bier points out that repeated attempts at immigration cuts to please Trump’s base went down, as did the travel bans.   Bier also gives a long history of Congress and immigration, and its willingness to help both illegal (through morally acceptable circumstances) and legal immigrants stay, work, and eventually live here legally and become citizens.

Democrats are unlikely to attack chain migration too hard if that helps African-American families.
But the most obvious need is to reform DACA, and to protect the asylum process.
And to deal with volume problems with families at the border (Flores), they may have to take a heed from Canada and look at private sponsorship.   

Trump's base still is obsessed with the idea that if effort is spent on immigrants, they can get left farther behind. 

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