Monday, November 5, 2018

News2Share reports on the ground from Mexico on the migrant caravans, creating anger of Facebook

News2Share has a reporter in Mexico covering migrants on a bus somewhere near Mexico City now.
Here is a typical link
Reporters indicate there are a lot of ill people on the busses or in the caravan.  The reporter has not encountered armed migrants or evidence of trojan terrorists. 

If you check “Ford Fischer” on Facebook, you will see anger from a few somewhat polarized people when they thought they were asked to “like” to posts.  Facebook should not encourage accounts to prod users into “liking” their pages. 

By the way, News2Share is not part of the “resistance”.  Comments to that effect are just plain silly. They reflect a tribal mentality that everyone must join one side or another.

Of course, it is not clear if this is representative of all of the caravans.  Tim Pool has discussed reports of armed migrants farther south from mainstream media, but the reports are conflicting.

By the time the migrants reach the US, many of them are likely to have dissipated.  Were Trump to deny the right to apply for asylum, he would certainly be taken to court again immediately.
My most recent significant visit to Mexico City happened in 1974 over Labor Day weekend.

Right wing candidates keep putting exaggerated television ads up.

Wikipedia attribution link for aerial view of Mexico City by Fidel Gonzalez, CCSA 3.0. 

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