Friday, November 23, 2018

Drug legalization in the US might help reduce the migrant crisis

George P. Shultz and Pedro Aspe have a useful op-ed Thanksgiving Day, “How we can help the migrant caravan”.  Actually, there are several caravans in different places and they seem to have different makeups.

But the writers are helpful in saying we could do a lot more to stabilize the conditions in Central American countries and, giving Trump some credit, Mexico.  Remember, however, Mexico was willing to give some caravans asylum in its southern states, and the caravans insisted on moving north to the U.S.

The biggest suggestion, of course, is decriminalizing drug possession at home, as a strategy to reduce consumption and reduce the profitability of drug cartels.  Indeed Reagan’s policies in the 1980s and the “war on drugs” may well have set this up. 
One comment about “race” and POC.  Being from Mexico or CA and having a Spanish surname is no predictor of what someone looks like.  There are plenty of people in Mexico of purely European ancestry (as in South America).

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