Sunday, October 28, 2018

Multiple papers discuss US's growing indifference to the needs driving immigration

David Bier has a New York Post editorial Sept. 19 regarding the US’s accepting of asylees and refugees (separate issues), being less than the most generous even before Trump, here

There is a study by Andrew Forrester and Alex Nowrasteh on Cato showing that immigrants tend to assimilate and make about what native born Americans make, here

There is an important post by David Bier on how Trump has cut both Christian and Muslim admissions. 

The latest Economist (Oct 28), in an article on California, states that immigrants help the economy and job growth, but tend to depress the wages of the lowest-skilled workers (although they may take the menial jobs Americans don’t have the regimentation to do).

Fox News notes that Bowers falsely “connected” the Central American caravan to local domestic support of asylum seekers and refugees through HIAS, story.

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