Saturday, October 27, 2018

Migrants turn down offer from Mexico for asylum, want to press to the U.S. Why?

Tim Pool reports that many of the migrants in the caravans from Central America (Honduras and now El Salvador) are refusing offers of asylum in Mexico.

Actually, his Timcast talks a lot about the semantics of a “wall” or “fence”.  A transparent fence may be better for security, but you want the fence to be has high as Fenway Park’s Green Monster. He talks about the wall in Yuma, AZ, a place I visited in 2000 (you could see across the river to the town in Mexico with little businesses).

It is appropriate for the US to expect migrants without relatives in the US to accept asylum in Mexico (where the language skills are a better fit) if offered.
NBC News has a detailed article on Mexico’s offer, which would apply to migrants settling in two southern Mexican states.

The New York Times has a factual piece  Oct. 26 by Annie Correal dated Oct 26, that explains (through links) how the caravan actually got started.

Dara Lind reports that Trump is now considering a new "travel ban" for these caravans, Vox article here

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