Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Litigation claims government undercounting allowable green cards for EB-5 immigrant investors

There is some legal controversy over the EB-5 immigrant investor program .

This program allows immigrants to get green cards (including spouses and dependent children under 21) when they make investments in a domestic US business and add ten or more jobs.
A group of 450 Chinese investors have filed suit concerning the way allowable slots for green cards are counted, as explained here on Business Wire.  

The suit maintains that family members of investors are counted illegally against a quote.
David J. Bier, an immigration policy analyst for the Cato institute, supplied some expert analysis here

Allowing any public benefit based on creating jobs is an interesting and challenging concept.
In another matter, Jason Dzubow offered a blog posting today on the Asylumist on how individuals can help asylum seekers, and it is indeed a moving target with poor guidance from government, and might involve some risk.  Individuals can help refugees through the supervision of social service agencies, but there is much less help for asylum seekers, by definition. 

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