Friday, June 29, 2018

Trump's DOJ wants to bar asylum at any illegal border entry

Dara Lind on Vox reports on a DOJ plan to bar asylum claims from all people who enter the country illegally (not at points of entry) after apprehension.  It would not affect people who reach a legal point of entry and ask for asylum, or who (within the one year period) ask for asylum after overstaying a visa. 

A Washington Post op-ed by Lindsay M. Harris asks why Trump and Sessions “act this way” in trying to criminalizing asylum seekers from Central America. The short answer is, they believe the world is a zero-sum game and they think they are beholden to an anti-immigrant base that, largely incorrectly, think that immigrants took away their jobs or committed crimes against them (in isolated cases, this does happen).

Update: Tuesday, July 3

A federal judge in Washington DC has ordered the Trump administration to follow the law and allow asylum seekers to file applications normally, and especially not detain them illegally after passing a credible fear interview.  The legal details seem a bit complex and could take time to sort out (with regard to Sessions on disqualifying gang activity as a factor, and on illegal entry). More detailed posts will come later (maybe on my Wordpress blog) as there is a lot of material here to go over.

Richard Gonzales has a typical story on NPR here.

The case is Damus v. Nielsen

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