Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vox explains the stakes in North Korea, and the ambiguity in statements of Pompeo, Bolton; EMP threat hasn't gone away; DPRK threatens to cancel

Vox has an important story on the goals in the negotiations coming up soon in Singapore, by Alex Ward. 

There is some scuttle going on.  Bolton has said that North Korea has to denuclearize pretty much completely to be a “normal nation”.  But Pompeo seems more concerned to make sure North Korea can’t hit the US with a nuclear weapon.

Don’t lose sight of the EMP issue.  Free Thought has a major banner story on this today, about declassified Pentagon reports on the subject. 


North Korea threatens to cancel the June 12 summit of US exercises, Yahoo.  Alex Ward on Vox writes that this is likely a bluff, according to "experts".  But Trump seems to have gotten the news about this from the media he hates; he was blindsided. 

There are also reports that Trump wanted to evacuate military families from South Korea before the Winter Olympics. 

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