Monday, May 7, 2018

Trump's plan to penalize immigrants who use welfare benefits draws rancor and could lead to underground calls for hosting

The Trump administration is proposing a plan to penalize legal immigrants who use public benefits.  An immigrant who takes welfare or food stamps or some other immigration benefit (like after getting asylum or even passing the waiting period, or who came here legally with a visa) would be penalized in getting a green card later. Nick Miroff has the story March 28 in the Washington Post. 

This could lead to situations where there is more social pressure (as from churches) for people to host immigrants and actually support them as dependents.  Right now, asylum seekers (as in the LGBT community) often use publicly funded clinics for health care.  It's important to remember that the US does not have an individualized refugee sponsorship program comparable to Canada's. 

America’s Voice sent out a press release referring to the plan Monday morning. 

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