Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trump, as expected, pulls the plug on Iran and may have escalated the risk of war

I was conveniently home when Donald Trump gave his bombastic speech pulling the plug on Obama’s Iran deal.  I thought this sounded like a day in May a year ago when he pulled out of the climate accords.

All the “elitist experts” on CNN say that the international inspections of Iran were working, and that the agreement made it possible to “watch” Iran, which is not possible for North Korea.  But possibly Trump thinks that watching is just staring. Is this Trump’s idea of “No spectatiors” at Burning Man?

“Vox explains” all this about as well as anyone else, here. It’s like a 5-2 loss in a baseball game. 

Facing renewed sanctions, Iran is likely to get belligerent.  Syria is where we would first see the symptoms, and Israel will be so much more on edge.
My own sense is that Trump may have complicated things for us and himself with North Korea, after a lot in the past few weeks has sounded quite encouraging.

I remember the days of the Iran Hostage Crisis and the EDS rescue, but I don't think Shiite is as potentially ideologically dangerous as some of the Saudi world.

Barack Obama called Trump's action on JCPOA as "misguided", Facebook post here

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