Saturday, May 5, 2018

TPS removal for Honduran immigrants; more on asylum near the California border

The Trump administration has removed temporary protected status from about 57000 people from Houduras, who could face deportation by 2020.
Generally, people would have had to ask for asylum within a year of arriving.  Being from a country, without TPS, doesn’t qualify for asylum; being a member of a particular social group might, although that is getting harder. 

The New Yorker ran a story about a gay asylum seeker from Honduras in January.

The San Diego Tribune reported that all members of the Caravan are now in the US, link.

However, the migrants themselves chose who would be the first group to apply for asylum, mostly pregnant women or mothers with small children.  But again, to qualify for asylum, the migrants will have to establish more than just the countries they come from.
A good question is why more isn’t done about the horrible corruption in some Central American countries.

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