Monday, May 21, 2018

North Korea summit to be held in Singapore seems to be in trouble; then what? (Oh, "We'll see what happens!")

Trump’s planned summit in Singapore with Kim Jong Un seems to be “going off the rails”, as in this Voix article by Zach Beauchamp, rather like a lab experiment filled with tweets. 
Christine Kim at el have a more detailed story on Reuters, over the gulf on what “denuclearization” really means.  South Korea’s Moon may have spun too optimistic a sales pitch.  The UK independent discusses the ‘”talk about the talks” here.
Would South Korea accept a much reduced presence of US troops, if there were some sort of international supervision (even from China) to make sure nuclear activity doesn’t continue?
The press says Trump has bragged about his “accomplishment” before it could come to pass. 

Trump says, "we'll see what happens." 

If the talks fall apart, would North Korea resume testing its missiles?  A bloody nose attack sounds rather unthinkable.  For the US, an EMP threat could linger if the tension remains.   The release of three prisoners however would help release some tensions.
But Trump is now said to have been briefed on unconventional attacks like EMP, probably in March.

Update: May 22

Trump says June 12 summit may well not happen. Trump said to want to buy back NK nukes for big bucks, infrastructure assistance to DPRK.

CNN's Will Ripley is on a train to see the beginnings of some denuclearization today, tweet.

Update: May 24

Trump cancels the summit, over displeasure over bellicose statements.  He says he is open to talking later.  Wait and see. Will Ripley comments on the CNN link.

Update: May 25

Well, maybe he can uncancel it.  Trump waffles.  It's impossible for a blog like this to keep up.

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