Sunday, March 4, 2018

Trump's admiration of virility in office (sorry. president for life Xi Jingping is 'thmooth')

Libertarians used to work for US Term Limits twenty years ago.  So what do we make of Xi Jinping’s declaring himself president of China for life? And head of the Communist (really peope’s capitalist) party for life?
Is it Machiavellin?  Rather like that of a cat watching a household?  The National Interest weighs in here
China, as I noted on another blog, is trying to go after criticism published outside its borders. 
China is also developing a social credit scoring system for all citizens, based on the idea of “personal rightsizing”.
China, as Wikipedia notes, is indeed a very unary state.
And will China really help us with North Korea? China is not your friend, as Trump used to say. Yet Trump seemed to admire what Jingping just did.  He has a fetish for “strongmen”.  Maybe it’s erotic to see them brought low later.
Wikipedia attribution link for China picture of Shanghai-Lujiazui, apparently CCSA 3.0 

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