Sunday, February 11, 2018

South Korea wants to soften the tone of US "diplomacy"; tech industry quietly beefs up homeland security

Some news outlets are again reporting Sunday that Seoul is seeking to ease US tensions with North Korea over possession and development of missiles and nuclear weapons. 

Seoul (President Moon), however, wants the “right” conditions before talks happen. Mike Pence has still remained uncompromising in its remarks.  And over the weekend, Vox media upped the ante with discussion of the “decoupling” idea in Cold War domino theory.

It would be nice if Rippon and Pence can meet after the Olympics and talk about peace, and not just about the wounds of the past in gay rights.
In the meantime, my own little field trips seem to show that utilities and server farms in northern Virginia are quietly adding new layers of security, both from cyberattacks and possibly microwave devices.  I’ll get into that again later.

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