Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pro football player's traffic death from undocumented reckless driver feeds fake "build that wall" debate

An Indianapolis Colts pro football player, Edwin Jackson, and an Uber driver transporting him were killed when struck by a hit-run driver who turned out to be an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, deported twice. The Q13 Fox story is here
The accident seems to have been gruesome, with some accounts saying the player had become ill and the car had stopped, and that the impact threw him into the center of the highway.

It’s pretty obvious that this incident can feed the Trump narrative for “Build that Wall” and put even more pressure on Democrats in Congress in the unconvincing DACA negotiations. But this is like giving everybody detention for the sins of one in middle school. There’s no question, DACA people have to deal with scapegoating of their group. Statistical studies from Cato and other places show that Trump’s demands on the Wall and on chain migration will do little in practice to make Americans safer from unpredictable random incidents. A good Cato article now is Alex Nowrasteh's on a John R. Lott's study of illegal immigrant crime in Arizona. 
Today, John Kelly (White House COS) made a snarky remark about "Dreamers not on DACA"(after Obama) as "too lazy or too afraid" to file papers, and likely not to be included in a deal on DACA (per CNN).   Dara Lind weighed in on this on Vox and noted that many Dreamers would lose work permits and become dependent on others (like LGBT asylum seekers are now) even if not deported. 

Kenneth Jost, author of the Supreme Court Yearbook, has a recent blog posting “On Immigration, Trump lies, panders to base”, here

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