Sunday, February 25, 2018

South Korea reports that DPRK suddenly open to talks as Olympics end and new sanctions start; US weapons sold on jihadist underground websites

Today, the media is reporting that South Korea says that North Korea is suddenly open to starting talks with the US, two days after new sanctions were announced, typical story on NPR here

The report came from the South Korean “Blue House” and the talks need to start as soon as possible.

There was no direct mention of whether North Korea is willing to budge on possession of nuclear weapons. 

In another matter, there are reports of American AR-15’s winding up in Syria and for sale on jihadist dark web forums (on Telegram).

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trump administration announces sanctions on smuggling for North Korea at sea Friday (before Olympics end)

Trump has announced new sanctions against North Korea, even before the Olympics end, targeting illegal transfer of raw materials amount intermediary ships, and possibly sanction the nations these ships fly under.

Al Jazeera says that the sanctions could undermine China’s cooperation, story

Trump has said “we’ll see” after the Olympics on military action, like a teacher counseling a student if he will pass.

He has suggested that dangerous military action could be coming soon.
The Treasury secretary in the video above mentioned that there are classified and unclassified measures of how sanctions work. He added that sanctions against Russia are pending.

He also mentioned the possibility of a federal Internet sales tax.
He said that assets of US businesses who helped violate a sanction could have assets seized. For most companies this is unlikely to arise as a risk.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Post-Communist, post-one-child China seems to be moving toward eugenics

I’ve noticed some articles (and tweets pointing to them) about China in its post one-child world, as playing eugenics with its sub ethnic groups, probably beyond the notice of westerners.

One such article is in BioEdge, link here. And here’s a shocking piece by Didi Tatlow from Dec, 2016 in the New York Times about eugenics in choosing children for bands.  
Communism seems as preoccupied with improving the “stock” of future generations as was Nazism. This also feeds the population demographics controversy, "the right babies". And eugenics was a popular subject in the United States in the early 20th Century. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DC attorney traces what happens now when asylum cases are denied (under Trump with LIFO processing)

Jason Dzubow is starting a series of two posts explaining what happens when an asylum case is denied, link.
Usually you can “appeal” and there is a lot of technical discussion of what “in status” means.
This could be of importance to anyone hosting asylum seekers as to their potential legal responsibilities.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hungary considers bill to place heavy legal liabilities on those who assist asylum seekers

Human Rights Watch reports on a bill in Hungary that would place heavy legal liabilities on those who help asylum seekers, link here
You wonder if Trump could try to set something like this up here.
In 2016 I looked at the possibility of hosting asylum seeker(s) before selling my house and taking myself out of the controversy, and I found it very hard to pin down the legal labilities hosts would face.  Even attorneys were very reluctant to talk about it. 
Wikipedia attribution link for map by Peyerk, CCSA 3.0 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Senate drops the ball on DACA today; important legal blog post on LGBT asylum seekers today

The Senate has rejected (falling short on the 60 votes needed) the bipartisan immigration plan, and Trump’s also, as in the Yahoo! story here
Dreamers have some reassurance right now in a recent stay of Trump’s March 5 deadline by a Brooklyn NY federal judge.  But the uncertainty over their future remains as Congress is unable to do its job. 
Also, today, Richard Kelly (the DC Center) and Jason Dzubow wrote an important blog post “The One Year Bar and LGBT Asylum Claims”, here. I don’t see that on the DC Center Global Facebook page yet.  I posted this on my own timeline, and then tried to refer to it with a comment on another post on their page and Facebook rejected the comment as spam! (Main blog, Feb. 12).  This post seems very critical and we’ll hear a lot more about it. (Sometimes there are technical problems seeing all the recent posts on a Facebook page;  it might actually be there.)

Finally, the Cato Institute has a major paper today noting that the GOP immigration plan would give citizenship opportunities only to half of the 1.8 possible legal immigrants (and that number is cut, too). 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

South Korea wants to soften the tone of US "diplomacy"; tech industry quietly beefs up homeland security

Some news outlets are again reporting Sunday that Seoul is seeking to ease US tensions with North Korea over possession and development of missiles and nuclear weapons. 

Seoul (President Moon), however, wants the “right” conditions before talks happen. Mike Pence has still remained uncompromising in its remarks.  And over the weekend, Vox media upped the ante with discussion of the “decoupling” idea in Cold War domino theory.

It would be nice if Rippon and Pence can meet after the Olympics and talk about peace, and not just about the wounds of the past in gay rights.
In the meantime, my own little field trips seem to show that utilities and server farms in northern Virginia are quietly adding new layers of security, both from cyberattacks and possibly microwave devices.  I’ll get into that again later.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

North Korea holds its fake parade as Winter Olympics start; Cato scholar calls DPRK a "communist monarchy"

Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute writes “What I Learned inNorth Korea”, based on his visit in June, 2017 (which I thought had been banned then).  Bandow characterizes North Korea as a “communist monarchy”, maybe the only one in the world. But surprisingly the quasi-elite do have some actual businesses in Pyongyang, and there is some customer service in the hotel.

North Korea, by the way, held its parade today (JoshuaBerlinger, CNN) . Were some or most of the missiles fake?
The Matt Bai writes in Yahoo! that President Trump is bringing back a Cold War, McCarthyism mentality from 1953, about the time of Eisenenhower (who believed in UFO’s, after Roswell). But some of my writing (about the Vietnam era draft) reflects that attitude.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pro football player's traffic death from undocumented reckless driver feeds fake "build that wall" debate

An Indianapolis Colts pro football player, Edwin Jackson, and an Uber driver transporting him were killed when struck by a hit-run driver who turned out to be an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, deported twice. The Q13 Fox story is here
The accident seems to have been gruesome, with some accounts saying the player had become ill and the car had stopped, and that the impact threw him into the center of the highway.

It’s pretty obvious that this incident can feed the Trump narrative for “Build that Wall” and put even more pressure on Democrats in Congress in the unconvincing DACA negotiations. But this is like giving everybody detention for the sins of one in middle school. There’s no question, DACA people have to deal with scapegoating of their group. Statistical studies from Cato and other places show that Trump’s demands on the Wall and on chain migration will do little in practice to make Americans safer from unpredictable random incidents. A good Cato article now is Alex Nowrasteh's on a John R. Lott's study of illegal immigrant crime in Arizona. 
Today, John Kelly (White House COS) made a snarky remark about "Dreamers not on DACA"(after Obama) as "too lazy or too afraid" to file papers, and likely not to be included in a deal on DACA (per CNN).   Dara Lind weighed in on this on Vox and noted that many Dreamers would lose work permits and become dependent on others (like LGBT asylum seekers are now) even if not deported. 

Kenneth Jost, author of the Supreme Court Yearbook, has a recent blog posting “On Immigration, Trump lies, panders to base”, here

Thursday, February 1, 2018

US changes rules for asylum seeker hearings

Apparently CIS has announced a new policy for scheduling asylum seeker hearings, essentially “last in, first out”.

The policy change is said to reduce the chances of asylum fraud.  But it’s pretty obvious that some asylum seekers would never get hearings at all.

Attorney Jason Dzubow has a long analysis of the problem on his professional blog here.   He notes that the Trump administration seems to view most asylum as “fraudulent”.
I’ll be covering this in more detail later on Wordpress.  It would obviously impact LGBT asylum seekers, and Center Global says the problem will be taken up soon at a Stakeholder’s Meeting.  I’ll have more on the LGBT blog when there is some detail.