Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trump talks about the evil North Korea regime in SOTU but fails to talk about homeland defense

For much of the late afternoon, we heard speculation that Trump’s SOTU remarks on North Korea would be eye-openers and front page news. 

Look at the remarks by Ezra Klein on Vox and my reply, here

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) talked about Trump’s touting out amputee defector Ji Seong-ho, as well as the tragedy of Otto Warmbier (the parents were there). All of that underscores the repulsiveness of the regime.  
True, the Congress needs to fund the military (and not threaten the paychecks with shutdowns) and keep its missile deterrent.  But Trump did not mention the need to upgrade missile defense, or to secure American homeland against EMP/Cyber.  I wish he had. 

The Hill has a sobering report on warning time to defend a DPRK missile.

Vox also has a disturbing article by Zach Beauchamp arguing that Ttump's talk about North Korea resembles Bush against Saddam Hussein before going to war, here

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