Sunday, November 19, 2017

China's obsession with personal rightsizing

Helen Gao has a disturbing article in the New York Times Nov. 15, “The Chinese Communist Party's Guide to Moral Living”.   China seems to be trying to make it credible that a country can seem advanced in interaction with the outside world and still demand moral rightsizing of its citizens at the individual level.  That keeps the well-off from having to watch their backs due to instability where the less well-off have nothing to lose. It also funds individualized dissent as a form of speech that adds to that instability among those who really get “exploited.”

Update: Nov. 28

Ian Bremmer, in a Time Magazine article Nov. 13, 2017, p. 41, "Advantage China: China's state-dominated economy is built to win the future", described China's "social credit system".  Imagine if your web or social media behavior and even your community engagement (or lack of it) were folded into a credit score or "karma". 

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