Sunday, March 5, 2017

Arlington VA church holds supper for Iraqi refugee family settled in December 2016

Today, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA held a potluck supper in the evening in honor of an Iraqi refugee family that had arrived in early December 2016.

There was a man, wife, and four children.  The man had been a military officer in Iraq.  Grace was said in English and Arabic.  They have been settled into a commercially rented townhouse or apartment in northern Virginia.

There were dishes of Iraqi cooking

I had a chance to speak to the man.  The family had lived in Baghdad.  He suggested that the sectarian violence in Baghdad (which has never been under ISIS control) was perpetrated by a very small percentage of people   He mentioned that all three major Abrahamic religions had started in the same source and were more alike in their values than different, when practice by persons and families in the modern world.

I also mentioned that when I worked for the Minnesota Orchestra in 2002-2003 while I lived in Minneapolis, I worked with a woman with relatives in Mosul.  I believe they were Christian.  But if they were still living there in 2014 or later, they would have been invaded in ISIS.  So I am one degree of separation from all this personally.

I would also add that throughout my IT career, I worked with people from Pakistan (reporting to one) and the subject of religion never came up.  In Minneapolis, a critical software bridge at the company I worked for had been designed by a company owned by a man from Pakistan.  Even after 9/11, the subject of religion never came up.
Wikipedia has a breakdown of religion in Iraq   Arabic is the main language.

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