Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Russia has its own doomsday prepper movement, and targets "unaggressive men" as mooches; Trump finally takes North Korea seriously

Andrew Roth has a long article on p 5 of The Washington Post on Jan. 3 about the cult of masculinity in Russia, “A right wing militia trains Russians to fight the next war, with or without Putin”, link.   Note the quote about “unaggressive vegetables.” Like me?

This sounds like tribalism and old fashioned nationalism on steroids. It does remind me of the doomsday prepper movement in the US in rural areas.   It certainly comports with the Russian anti-gay propaganda law in 2013.

Recently, North Korea announced acceleration of its nuclear weapons testing and miniaturization program, and intelligences authorities are concerned that North Korea is moving a lot of its development underground, away from the visibility to spy satellites.  The upshot is that a missile toward the US from North Korea could appear suddenly, within maybe four more years, giving NORAD just a couple hours to detect it and shoot it down.

But Donald Trump, previously focused on ISIS and radical Islam, to the exclusion of concerns over Russis and North Korea and even Assad, tweeted, “Not going to happen” this morning (CNN story. )  I retweeted that one.

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