Friday, December 16, 2016

Russian hack during election creates threats of future infrastructure and power grid attacks

Many media sources report that Vladimir Putin personally authorized hacks of both Democratic and Republican servers, and deliberately tried to help Trump get elected, partly as a vendetta against Hillary Clinton.  NBC News has a typical report.  President Obama had told Putin in September to “stop it” or there would be consequences. 

But the problem is that could invite counter-attacks from Russia, especially against infrastructure and power grids.  This could provoke a kind of WWIII.

Or it could provoke Putin to become more aggressive in the Baltics, conceivably even Finland.

John McCain is reported to have said that the hacking episode could "destroy democracy" in the US (Time link).  

In the New York Times Sunday, p. 5 (Review section), Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt have an op-ed "Is our democracy in danger?"  They write "Past stability is no guarantee of our government's future survival."  That idea could very well provoke an enemy into an even more ambitious terror attack (something like EMP), justifying the doomsday prepper mentality. 

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