Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vox explains the Oslo Accord areas in the West Bank (especially Area C), but there is no mention of direct "expropriation" of Palestinian homes

Vox Media has set up a very helpful card-stack to explain the entire controversy over relations between the state of Israel and the West Bank, giving a whole history back to 1948.

It also posted a video on Facebook but linked it in a very unconventional manner that makes it impossible for me to find a url or to replay it.

The West Bank settlements actually started with private efforts, from individual families which say settling as a religious duty.  The settlements are actually in a part of the West Bank called “Zone C”, over which Israel has “sovereignty.”  Palestinians have sovereignty over about 18% of the West Bank, but Israeli control over the rest severely hampers their economy.

But the video and cards don’t seem to explain reported practice of eviction of Palestianian families without compensation, as reported here Aug. 2, 2015 and July 24, 2015, and especially  May 20, 2013, from George Meek in Arlington VA, whom I know through the Trinity Presbyterian Church   It was reported here on Sept. 11, 2016 that eight Palestinian individuals had come to the US for a few dats to speak to Congress about the expropriation issue.
Wikipedia source on Areas A, B, and C.  
By UN - OCHA oPt - http://www.ochaopt.org/documents/ochaopt_atlas_restricting_space_december2011.pdf on OCHAoPt Map Centre.Part of http://www.ochaopt.org/documents/ocha_opt_humaitarian_atlas_dec_2011_full_resolution.pdf (95 MB), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29702792

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