Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Radical Islam: an exploding youth population in authoritarian countries that corrupt religion for their own political agendas

Jon Emont has a couple of recent articles about how population demographics exacerbates the threat of radical Islam.

The least developed parts of the Muslim world have the most children. Authoritarian counties with few legitimate economic opportunities leave young men (and often women) with little else but to join mass movements and fight, for camaraderie, brotherhood, and a sense of false empowerment.  The most important article is here  (Sept. 12, p. A16, Washington Post).

Fareed Zakaria has often echoed this view – a “cancer” in the Islamic world.  But the tendency is for young men in the Muslim world to blame western consumers for effectively cheating the rest of the world.  That’s actually the way the radical, Communist left looked at things in the 60s.    

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