Sunday, September 11, 2016

Presentation today on Syrian refugees living in Turkey; also, West Bank hearing in Congress

Today, the Trinity Presbyterian Church, on “Rally Sunday”, presented a brief program about food distribution to refugees in Ankara Turkey.

There were many slides shown, including some in Mosul, where people cannot work to earn a living (unless they “convert”), in a volatile and changing environment. No pictures were taken of them – it’s possible that publication could endanger someone overseas.  $10 is supposed to buy enough food for a refugee family in Turkey got several days.

The Ankara Girl Scouts have a web site on Wix about the issue, here.

When I was working for the Minnesota Orchestra in 2002-2003, I met a coworker with (Christian) relatives in Mosul (while under Saddam Hussein), and I have no idea what happened to them.  But a crisis like this can hit personally with few degrees of separation.

Trinity also reports that up to eight persons from Suslya, on the West Bank, and losing their homes to Israeli occupation (apparently without compensation) will speak to a committee Congress on Friday Sept. 23.  It does appear that their logistical and housing arrangements have been taken care of.

I ate with a family headed for Nationals Park, barely time to get there before the game.

Later today, CNN reported the "radical hospitality" of Gander, Newfoundland residents who housed plane passengers for four days after 9/11 when planes could not enter the US.

Wikipedia image:
By Voice of America News: Henry Ridgwell on the Turkish border -, Public Domain,

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