Saturday, July 16, 2016

Reporting on Turkey's rebuffed military coup fooled and endangered journalists

Last night’s "military ball" coup attempt  in Turkey turned into a fiasco for the media.  Early on , it was reported that Erdogan had applied for asylum in Germany and been turned down.  It was reported (on CNN) that the Army was in control, then the claim was withdrawn into uncertainty.

 Later on it was reported that the Turkish parliament in Ankara was bombed.  A CNN affiliate in Turkey was closed.  There were tweets about the safety of journalists.

Dispute Erdogan’s authoritarianism and suppression of speech, Turkey is still seen as relatively stable and moderate in the Islamic world.  That’s very important in responding to “radical Islamic terrorism” (to quote Ted Cruz most directly).

Social media were closed in Turkey, but it wasn’t clear by whom.  Martial law was declared in some areas, but, again, by whom?

Turkey claims the situation is under control, but an air base by the US is closed for now (CNN). There is also a story that an alleged mastermind of the attack is a cleric living in Pennsylvania, and Turkey wants him extradited. However, the cleric supposedly supports service and education.

Wikipedia attribution link for Lion Gate in Hattusa, Turkey, by Benutzer He-na-mue under CCSA 3.0   There is also a Lions Gate in Greece (which may inspire the name of the movie studio).

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