Thursday, July 14, 2016

Limited Syrian refugee resettlement happening in DC area with Lutheran Social Services

I did see an email today indicating that a church I attend is helping sponsor one Syrian refugee family with Lutheran Social Services as the sponsoring agency working with the federal government on assistance and security matters.

There was an invitation to attend a mandatory training session if you were interested.  I did not see any mention of a more general information forum which would seem to be necessary to help decide if they should volunteer.  The training session would appear to apply to those who have already joined.  But LSS has some information and a volunteer application online.

Again, the US does not allow “private sponsorship” the way Canada does.  I’ll check further into the facts and see if there is another information forum.
Update (July 17):

I'm told that this is an "information forum" as well as training, and the public can come; it's apparently not necessary to apply first before going. I'll check further.

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