Monday, July 4, 2016

ISIS turns to sectarian attacks on civilians in many countries as it loses territory

Carol Morello and Joby Warrick have a detailed front page story about ISIS strategy in the Washington Post Monday morning, July 4.

As ISIL loses territory, its strategy is to make itself relevant (even in competition with Al Qaeda) by intimidating civilians around the world.  The story also emphasizes that European and Asian or Middle Eastern (or African) attacks have been organized by “wolf packs” and not loan wolves (as in the US).  Michael Weiss on CNN emphasized that sectarianism is still a major objective.  The deadliest event as of early July 4 still had been the bombing in a Shia area of Baghdad.

Extremist Wahhabists seem to have other Muslims who don’t follow their sect the most.  Back in the 80s, a computer consultant (whom I worked with in Dallas) who had worked for an oil company contractor in Saudi Arabia and lived in a compound just said, “They hate each other” more than they hate Christians, Jews and atheists or agnostics.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Babylon ruins, public domain

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