Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Amnesty International fund-raises at Metro stops, emphasis on Syria-Iraq and Central America

I generally don’t respond much to people raising money for organizations on the streets, but I did speak very briefly to Amnesty International today in Ballston, near the Metro.

Here is a PDF that gives their arguments regarding the Syrian and Central American refugee crises.  It’s called an “Activist Toolkit for People on the Move”.  That’s an interesting (and demanding) title.  The paper answers the argument regarding Trojan horse terrorists.

Two young men (white) wore substantial yellow plastic wrist cuffs identifying them.  (I’m not cool personally about putting anything on my body, or I wasn’t when I was young.)

It is getting harder for organizations to raise money on the street or door-to-door than it used to be, partly (at home at least out of security fears as well as a culture of personal insularity.

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