Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton rehearses logical plan for defeating ISIS in CA speech; some call her text a "tautology"

Hillary Clinton delivered a fundraising speech in California Wednesday where she outlined a plan for defeating ISIS, in three parts.  I couldn’t find the exact speech, but the outline seems to be here.  (Blake Neff).

Clinton believes there has to be a logical solution to the Apple-FBI debate (where Tim Cook has characterized what the government wants would be the equivalent of capability for eavesdropping on any private conversation in the pre-tech era, KGB style)

Clinton’s speech says: take down, dismantle, and harden defenses.  That sounds like a tautology, many said on Twitter.

But the most nettlesome problem is why so many young people are easily recruited online, which is a bit like asking why people join gangs.  On the other side of things, there is a determined enemy willing to turn western indulgences upon themselves with incredible irony.  How can you submit to God and simultaneously be so alienated from real people?

Time had carried an earlier speech on defeating ISIS.

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