Friday, February 5, 2016

How to tell what sites are blocked in mainland China (curiously, Wordpress is OK)

I looked at the Wikipedia chart of websites blocked in China, and see that most of the major social media sites (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) appear blocked, generally for several years, chart here.  Curiously, Wordpress isn’t on the list.  The list does not apply to Hong Kong and perhaps a few other locations.

I also found a site to test sites, “Blocked in China”. I found that my blogspot blogs, even with “real” URL’s, are blocked (or give errors).  But my and Wordpress sites work. Sometime in the past, I think I was told that doaskdotell was blocked, but in 2013, a vendor in China contacted me and asked if I wanted to reserve my domain name there (as a subdomain).  I think I’ve written about this before.

I’ve always seen traffic from the Middle East on my stats, and sometimes China.  I think I’ve seen some traffic from Blogger despite the block in the past, and it’s probably easy to get around with proxy servers and the like.

Curiously, I found a story on PC World dating back to about 2007 indicating that in the past Blogspot had been available.

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