Friday, January 8, 2016

China, a "communist" country, matters more to American financial well being than we want to admit

Does China’s stock market really matter that much?  After all, a lot of have seen “net worth’s” tumble a lot this week.

Any everybody says, the market continued to tumble today despite a good jobs report because, well, China.

Matt O’Brien in the Post WonkBlog talks about the silly circuit breakers, and also notes that the real problems are that policymakers are likely to fumble the whole economy, which is not so dependent on the market.

Nevertheless, it’s strange for retirees to see their nest eggs affected by what a communist country does.

Andrew Walker of the BBC offers a perspective, and notes that Soros says that China is facing a financial liquidity crisis soon that has parallels to the US 2008 crisis, here.

Donald Trump says, "China is not your friend" and wants tariffs on imports from China.
The WSJ says that investors got lazy in the last minutes of Friday's session and gave shares away because they didn't want to worry about the weekend.


Jack Reylan said...

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Bill Boushka said...

Almost sounds like "Brave New World"!