Monday, December 21, 2015

Iran hacks into NY dam controller; multiple infiltration events at US power companies reported

Hackers from Iran have spied on the electronic controls of a Hudson River dam north of New York City, in 2013, according to a BBC story.  And hackers, probably many from Russia or China, have gathered information on as many as 82 US power plants, including nuclear, according to the story.  The BBC mentions but doesn’t link to a detailed story in the Wall Street Journal by Danny Hadron.

So far, the effect of the hacks seems to be more about gaining leverage in diplomatic or foreign relations than in inflicting real damage.

But the report comports with ideas in Ted Koppel’s recent book “Lights Out” (books, Nov. 10, 2015), but leaves out the issue as to whether critical US utility infrastructure should even be reachable from the Internet.  But subterfuge has been accomplished by workers acquiring thumb drives.  By the way, when I contemplate Koppel's book title, I remember that "lights out" was at 9:30 PM in Army Basic back in 1968.

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