Sunday, December 27, 2015

A specific Syrian family's story

Eli Saslow and Jabin Botsford (photo credit) give a glimpse of what life is like for a Syrian refugee family, approved after two years processing by DHS, to settle in or near Louisville, KY, “A wary start to refugees’ new life”, with byline, “Amid apprehension from many in the U.S., a Syrian family confronts their own version of fear”.

The family has distant resettled relatives near Detroit.  The narrative indicates that there was not enough space or water resources in Jordan.  I do agree with GOP proposals (and even Hillary Clinton’s) that more can be done with the US military to provide space spaces in the Middle East (and more can be done to get other wealthy Muslim countries to help), but refugee camps, even if secure, don’t provide liberty, personal lives and careers.

A faith-based resettlement agency had prepared a house to be rented.  The family apparently speaks little English and will need a lot of supervision.

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