Monday, November 30, 2015

Thomas Piketty argues that inequality is behind the rise of ISIS; Trump's shocking "modest proposal"

Thomas Piketty (“Capital”, Book Reviews blog, July 20, 2014), argues that inequality is driving the nihilism and barbarism of ISIS, according to a Washington Post story by Tim Tankersly today, linking to a a short article in the French newspaper “Le Monde”, “The All-Clear Is Not Enough”,, Post link here.

The inequality among countries in the middle east, and within their populations is obvious, even though Islam normally makes a lot of providing charity for the poor.

The problem may be that personal inequality makes others feel that there is no point in playing by the rules, and this may be what young men recruited from the West see.  Nevertheless, it’s practically impossible to imagine how any religious text in any faith could justify sexual slavery and barbarism. President Obama calls it “no ideology”.

At the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC Sunday, Dr. Stan Hastey spoke (“A Righteous Branch”) about the “no ideology” idea and then drew a difference between “justice” and “righteousness”.

Update: Dec 2

Media outlets are reporting that Donald Trump has said that US and its allies should go after "families" of terrorists.  Besides the obvious illegality and offensiveness of the idea, it would justify terrorist ideology that civilians are de factor combatants, whether they choose to be or not.  NBC's story is here.

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